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NEOPLANT herbal natural cosmetics

The dye- and fragrance-free composition of NEOPLANT herbal, natural cosmetic products offers an ideal choice for alleviating skin problems. They are especially effective for inflamed, sore, peeling skin, as well as dandruff, itchy scalp and dandruff hair. Thanks to the high carotene, vitamin C and chlorophyll content of the product line, it not only treats skin problems, but also has a rejuvenating effect on normal, healthy skin.

NEOPLANT cream and face lotion provide a solution for difficult-to-treat skin problems such as peeling, scaly, dry, acne-prone skin, as well as injuries, insect bites and allergic rashes. When applied externally, these products help regenerate and protect the skin, helping to restore moisture and reduce inflammation. After application, the skin will be well-groomed, soft to the touch, and its healthy condition will be quickly restored and preserved.
We recommend it as a cosmetic for dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

The combined use of NEOPLANT hair alcohol and shampoo is especially recommended for hair loss and dandruff. The products effectively reduce scalp flaking, dandruff and hair loss while caring for and regenerating the hair.

NEOPLANT herbal, natural cosmetic products are an ideal choice for both men and women. The effectiveness and beneficial properties of these products are guaranteed by the plant extracts they contain, which have a natural antibacterial, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. According to our own tests, the plant extract has an inhibitory effect on cell division.

It can be used effectively in the case of increased skin cell formation, which can cause candle drop-like scales to appear on the peeling, scarred skin or scalp. Increased epidermal formation leads to the development of dry, scaly peeling skin (psoriasis). These problems can occur both on the skin and the scalp.

In such cases, the condition of the skin changes, it dries out, the regeneration processes slow down and, due to the increased keratinization of the epidermal cells, scaly skin plaques may form. The skin around the detached plaque becomes vulnerable, bleeding may occur and the skin may become scarred. Pathogens can easily settle on the damaged skin surface, and an infection can develop. These skin problems are not only aesthetically unpleasant, but together with the cracking, an itching sensation occurs, unpleasant symptoms, inflammation, bacterial and fungal infections can occur.

In the case of the skin problem described above, it is important to eliminate both external and internal causes and treat the symptoms. Externally, it is important to increase the skin's ability to regenerate and protect and to restore the skin's proper moisture content. NEOPLANT herbal natural cosmetics results in a spectacular improvement in the case of the above skin problems as well as skin aesthetic disorders associated with epithelial damage. During use, the skin is smoothed, regains its elasticity and moisture content. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, acne, inflammation, and itching are alleviated, scale formation and peeling on both the skin and the scalp are reduced, the skin regeneration process is accelerated, and dandruff and hair loss are reduced.

The self-developed NEOPLANT herbal product line is a patented Hungarian product!
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Herbal natural cosmetics

The NEOPLANT product line is exclusively natural, regenerating,
contains natural plant active ingredients that promote wound healing.