Treatment of dry, acne-prone skin

Treatment of dry, acne-prone skin: Neoplant cream and Neoplant face lotion

The cause of acne-prone skin in adolescence is increased sebum production, which is triggered by increased sex hormone levels.

However, many factors can play a role in the development of acne skin (Acne), but the exact mechanism is not known even today, it may even be a hereditary tendency. When sebum accumulated in the outlet of sebaceous glands (blackheads) cannot be drained, certain bacteria multiply and cause acne. Their number and extent can vary, and in more severe cases they heal with a scar.

Dry wine

The cause of dry skin can be a dietary deficiency, an external factor such as heating or air conditioning, or even an accompanying symptom of an illness. In this case, the skin easily peels, itches and can become sensitive.

NEOPLANT face lotion can be used for the following symptoms: inflamed skin, skin with blackheads, acne, dry skin. Due to its hemostatic effect, its use is especially recommended after shaving.


First, clean the skin with NEOPLANT facial essence by applying the facial essence to the facial skin, then wipe it off with a wet cotton wool, and then rinse with plenty of water, then apply NEOPLANT cream to the affected skin surface 1-3 times a day. This treatment is repeated several times a week.

It contains natural plant active ingredients, so it has no harmful side effects. The product is free of dyes and fragrances.
The herbal extract in the product ensures the beneficial properties of the product. Folk medicine experiences and literature data claim that the herbal extract used has natural antibiotic, hemostatic and wound healing effects.