• 2.790 Ft


For both sexes

Free from dyes and parfumes

 Explore the new, humane Neoplant natural herbal hampoo. It clears your hair with the power of the

waterfall. It lends a silky shine to your hair. Its unique and complex active ingredients

help in maintaining the natural water content and healthy metabolism of your hair. Its

use is especially beneficial in the case of the peeling of the scalp, ongoing

inflammatory processes, dandruff, and fragmented, dry hair. The product containes

natural plantar ingredients used in folk remedies for thousands of years. The plant

extract present in the product is the active ingredient, which makes the shampoo

effective. On the basis of experiences with folk remedies and according to medical

literature, the plant extract used in this product has a natural antibiotic, styptic, and

regenerative effect.

Suggested use: The NEOPLANT shampoo decreases the peeling of the scalp, and

dandruff production. It also positively affects inflammatory processes. The NEOPLANT

shampoo humanely removes all the contaminations of the scalp and hair and it is a useful co-agonist of the Neoplant lotion. The product contains the sameplant extract than the lotion and a hydrating components as well. Our hair should be washed two times with the Neoplant shampoo. Before the second wash, the shampooshould be left on the scalp and hair for 2 or three minutes. Its use is increasinglysuggested in case of a peeling scalp, increased dandruff production, and dry

fragmented hair.

A recommendation: The use of the Neoplant shampoo could be supplemented with the

use of the Neoplant lotion. Treat your scalp with Neoplant lotion before washing your

hair with the Neoplant shampoo.

Ingredients: Plantaginis tincture, Cocamidopropyl betain, PEG-4, Rapeseed amine,

 Sodium Chloride,Lauroyl PG-Triammonium Chloride, Aeth Eucaliphti, Aeth Rosmarini.

Volume: 200 ml

OÉTI licence number: 2371/2006,

CPNP reference:1546843

Nettó weight: 200g

Best before 2 years from the date of production

Bar  code:  5999883069066