Treatment of hair loss and dandruff on scalp

The scaly scalp is the disease of the hairy scalp, it is not usual as the disease of other skin surfaces. The disease is characterized by increased dandruff production and inflammatory processes. The peeling off of dead superficial skin cells is a natural phenomenon. In some cases, however, this process could be highly increased and could be associated with redness and irritation. The scaly scalp could be efficiently treated using special shampoos. The scaly scalp could be also the symptom of various diseases e.g., psoriasis, fungal disease, lousy scalp.

Neoplant lotionNeoplant lotion
Neoplant shampooNeoplant shampoo

The NEOPLANT shampoo could be used in the case of the following symptoms: scaly scalp, dandruffy hair, itchy scalp, dry scalp, peeling skin, inflammatory skin.

The Neoplant shampoo decreases the peeling of the scalp and diminishes dandruff production. It also positively affects inflammatory processes. The neoplant shampoo humanely removes all the contaminations of the scalp and hair. The product contains the same plant extract than the lotion and a hydrating components as well.

Suggested usage:
Our hair should be washed two times with the Neoplant shampoo. Before the second wash, the shampoo should be left on the scalp and hair for 2 or three minutes. Its use is increasingly suggested in case of a peeling scalp, increased dandruff production, and dry fragmented hair.

In case of previously known possible allergic reaction to ingredients of plantar origin, you should try Neoplant lotion first on a minute area of your scalp or skin.

A recommendation:
The use of the Neoplant shampoo should be supplemented with the use of the Neoplant lotion. Treat your scalp with Neoplant lotion before washing your hair with the Neoplant shampoo.
Its use is especially beneficial in the case of the peeling of the scalp, ongoing inflammatory processes, dandruff, and fragmented, dry hair.

The product contains natural plantar ingredients used in folk remedies for thousands of years. The plant extract present in the product is the active ingredient, which makes the shampoo effective. According to experiences with folk remedies and  medical literature, the plant extract used in this product has a natural antibiotic, styptic, and regenerative effect.

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