The treatment of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, autoimmune disease that appears on the skin. It occurs when the immune system sends out faulty signals that speed up the growth cycle of skin cells. Psoriasis is not contagious. The most common form, plaque psoriasis, is commonly seen as red and white hues of scaly patches appearing on the top first layer of the skin. Some patients, though, have no dermatological symptoms. In plaque psoriasis, skin rapidly accumulates at these sites, which gives it a silvery-white appearance.

Neoplant cremeNeoplant creme
Neoplant aftershaveNeoplant aftershave

Plaques frequently occur on the skin of the elbows and knees, but can affect any area, including the scalp, palms of hands and soles of feet, and genitals. In contrast to eczema, psoriasis is more likely to be found on the outer side of the joint. The disorder is a chronic recurring condition that varies in severity from minor localized patches to complete body coverage. Fingernails and toenails are frequently affected (psoriatic nail dystrophy) and can be seen as an isolated symptom. The most important characteristic of the symptoms is that the scales could be easily removed, and when they are removed, a small, open wound can be seen under them. Psoriasis is usually graded as mild (affecting less than 3% of the body), moderate (affecting 3-10% of the body) or severe. Several scales exist for measuring the severity of psoriasis. The degree of severity is generally based on the following factors: the proportion of body surface area affected; disease activity (degree of plaque redness, thickness and scaling); response to previous therapies; and the impact of the disease on the person. Psoriasis can also cause inflammation of the joints, which is known as psoriatic arthritis. However, the inner organs are not affected. In severe cases the affected skin areas could be festering.

The NEOPLANT creme could be used in case of the following symptoms: eczema, psoriasis, pimply face, peeling skin, inflammed skin, dry skin. The regular application of the Neoplant Creme to the skin smooths, soothes and moisturizes the skin. The skin regains its flexibility. Inflammations and skin irritations are terminated, the regeneration processes are accelerated. When using a Neoplant product, the epidermis is restored, healed, and the wound healing is also accelerated. Its use is suggested even in case of skin irritation, because of the regenerative and soothing effect of the creme.

How to use the NEOPLANT creme?

The skin should first be cleared with a NEOPLANT lotion, then it should be treated with the NEOPLANT creme 1-3 times daily. In case of slow wound healing the cream could be applied to the skin just around the wound, rubbed onto the healing parts of the wound. It accelerates the healing and regeneration processes.

In case a redness appears during the use of the creme, avoid any further use of it. Take care, not to rub the creme into the eyes and into open wounds.

The creme contains natural effective ingredients of plantar origin. It has no harmful side effects. The product is free from dyes and perfumes. The herbal extract present in the product ensures the advantageous properties of the product. According to experiences with folk remedies and  medical literature, the plant extract used in this product has a natural antibiotic, styptic, and regenerative effect.


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